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Our Story

Our Story

105 Years of John Spencer

Redefining durable shoes with comfort

Our story takes us back one hundred years ago, to Northampton, England – where shoemaking is even older than recorded history. Rich pastures and large areas heavily wooded with oak have always blessed the county, with tanning and shoemaking following naturally.

Established at the commencement of the WW1, Tecnic Boot Co. (the family business behind John Spencer) manufactured for the British Army, Navy and Allied Forces upward of 100,000 pairs of durable, comfortable boots.

John Spencer’s philosophy was that there would always be a market for quality shoes that were stylish,

comfortable and durable

Our thinking since 1915

A new start in 2020 

The brand continued growing in the 20th century with a concerted effort placed on excellence of design and quality.

After a hiatus, a new generation of shoemakers shares the John Spencer philosophy and product with the world, retaining the mission and values that the original team created in England.

We unveil a contemporary look for the John Spencer brand: new branding connected to our origins, while looking forwards to our future.

John Spencer collection can be seen online and is coming soon to top stores in Paris, London, Tokyo and Milan. 

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